What Should You Do If Someone Spills Red Wine on Your Carpet?


While many people may have carpets throughout their property and pride themselves on their general condition, accidents may happen. You may invite guests over for a cheese and wine party, and unfortunately, some of that liquid finds its way to the floor. Professional carpet cleaners can make the cleaning up of a spilt glass of wine easier and more effective than doing it yourself. Not only will they have the knowledge and expertise to remove the stain safely, but they'll also be able to use specialised tools and equipment that can target the spill without damaging your carpet.

30 March 2023

Does your carpet need professional cleaning?


Are your carpets starting to become an embarrassment? Although they may look wonderful when first installed, it rarely takes long for the carpets to pick up dirt from muddy boots, food stains and a host of other grime from different sources. As a responsible homeowner, you probably vacuum your carpets regularly, but while this may remove most of the surface dirt, it won't usually pick up the ground-in grime. You could try to scrub the carpet clean, but that is hard work, often involving an extended period on your knees as you struggle to restore the appearance of the carpet.

27 June 2022

How to Tackle the Mould Around Your Windows


Do you notice that mould is especially common around your windows? This is because it's an area where cold air meets warm air, resulting in condensation and dampness. While you can't do a lot about the temperature differences, there are some ways you can treat the mould and prevent it from returning. DIY Mould Removal There are plenty of avenues for you to explore when it comes to DIY mould removal.

6 January 2022

3 Important Things to Look Out for When Choosing Your Asbestos Removal Contractor


Asbestos removal is a difficult and dangerous task to tackle, and it requires a lot of training and experience to do correctly. That's why it's crucial that you hire the right contractor for your asbestos removal job.  Finding an experienced asbestos removal contractor can seem like a daunting task, but there are a few factors you can consider to ensure you make the best choice possible. Here are the three most important ones.

27 July 2021

3 Reasons You Should Leave Office Cleaning Work to Professionals


If you have an office, it's always vital to keep it clean. However, you should never forget that the level of cleanliness you maintain in your office depends on who cleans it. Where possible, you should hire an office cleaning company to clean your office so your employees can have a conducive environment for their office work.  A clean office motivates the employees to work better and sell your brand. Instead of leaving office cleaning to your employees, see why you should hire competent office cleaning experts to do it.

14 August 2020

Pressure Washing: How to Stay Safe


If you need to remove dirt and grime from the exterior of your home, using a pressure washer is a great way to get the job done. As the name suggests, a pressure washer uses a high-pressure jet of water to blast away the toughest grime and stains from the walls and flooring outside your home. However, before you get to work using this equipment, it is vital that you understand how to stay safe while operating it.

10 April 2019

Tips for Clearing an Estate When Someone Dies


When someone dies and you're dealing with grief, clearing out their estate is often the last thing you want to do. At the same time, it's also essential. With the right tips, you can ensure deceased estate cleaning doesn't feel too emotionally draining.  Gather important documents and file them From bank statements through to other financial agreements, finding your loved one's important documents and filing them is essential. When you have them in the right place, you can hand them to a solicitor who is dealing with the legal side of closing the estate's accounts.

27 December 2018

Considerations When Hiring Commercial Cleaners


Most businesses have a hard time choosing appropriate cleaners to clean their premises. More often than not, they don't just want people that will keep the workplace clean but also people with whom they can have a long-term working relationship. Although costs are a critical consideration when hiring commercial cleaners, below are other essential considerations. Reputation When seeking commercial cleaners for hire, it is vital that they have a good reputation.

30 August 2018

Reasons Why It Is Worth Investing In Professional Carpet Cleaning


While carpeting remains a favourite solution for homeowners that want plush furnishings underfoot, it is also one of the biggest dirt magnets that you can have in your home. You may assume that extensive cleaning only befits large carpets or the wall-to-wall varieties, but in truth, even your area rug could be potentially compromising your health. Thus, it is recommended for every homeowner to consider professional cleaning occasionally. The following are some reasons why it is worth investing in professional carpet cleaning on a periodic basis.

9 April 2018

Is It Ever Wise to Water Blast Your Windows?


There can be something oddly satisfying about cleaning with a water blaster. Like a wave of Harry Potter-esque sourcery emanating from your hand, dirt and grime is seemingly dissolved like magic. OK, so it's not magic and is in fact a powerfully concentrated stream of water, but it can still be rather satisfying to experience. If you own a water blaster or even just rent one as needed, you will be familiar with all the surfaces it can clean, whether it's blasting mildew from wooden decking or restoring brickwork to the point where your home almost looks brand new.

12 February 2018