Tips for Clearing an Estate When Someone Dies


When someone dies and you're dealing with grief, clearing out their estate is often the last thing you want to do. At the same time, it's also essential. With the right tips, you can ensure deceased estate cleaning doesn't feel too emotionally draining. 

Gather important documents and file them

From bank statements through to other financial agreements, finding your loved one's important documents and filing them is essential. When you have them in the right place, you can hand them to a solicitor who is dealing with the legal side of closing the estate's accounts. Having documents at hand removes the need to request copies of agreements from various institutions, and it makes it easier for you to close down accounts.

If there's a lot of rubbish, remove it with a professional service

If it appears as though your deceased loved one could have benefited from a hoarder cleaning service, rapidly remove rubbish from around the house before looking for valuable items. When the house no longer has a human presence and rubbish is left to gather, there's an increased risk of pests moving in. Naturally, this can get quite tiring when the deceased person hasn't cleaned for a while. You may find that using a deceased estate cleaning service makes this part easier.

Start searching for valuable items

When searching for valuable items, don't make the mistake of assuming that the deceased person would keep them in the same place that you would. Delve into drawers and cupboards, as well as attic spaces and other potential storage rooms. Additionally, don't assume that everything of worth will be present on their will. Some people may not consider adding certain items to legal documents or they might not see their hidden value. If you do find valuable items and there are other family members listed on the will, start discussing who should get what at an early stage.

Decide what to donate, throw away or sell

Once you know which items you want to keep, you need to decide whether to donate, sell or throw away the rest. Many charity shops will accept furniture and clothes that are in a good state. If you need to sell items such as antiques, consider asking for professional assistance to get the best price. Finally, when it comes to throwing pieces away, always make sure you recycle responsibly or use a deceased estate cleaning service that will do it for you. 


27 December 2018

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