Considerations When Hiring Commercial Cleaners


Most businesses have a hard time choosing appropriate cleaners to clean their premises. More often than not, they don't just want people that will keep the workplace clean but also people with whom they can have a long-term working relationship.

Although costs are a critical consideration when hiring commercial cleaners, below are other essential considerations.


When seeking commercial cleaners for hire, it is vital that they have a good reputation. Ask other businesses for recommendations on cleaners they have dealt with before. You can also look for online reviews from people who have engaged the services of commercial cleaners. Ultimately, you will be looking for a cleaning company with lots of positive reviews. Commercial cleaners with many years of experience are likely to offer excellent service.


Inquire about the range of services that the cleaning company will provide at your workplace. The duties of the cleaners can include:

  • Cleaning floors and pavement
  • Maintaining hygiene by ensuring washrooms are clean, sanitised and restocked
  • Clearing office rubbish and safely disposing of it
  • Dusting window panes and office machines, waxing floors and polishing desks and marble surfaces on a regular basis
  • Cleaning office carpets

The commercial cleaners you hire should offer value for their services by maintaining cleanliness in all areas of the office.

Cleaning schedule

The cleaners should evaluate the operations of the workplace and determine an appropriate cleaning schedule. For instance, windows can be dusted once a week and floors cleaned in the evenings. For busy places such as malls, banks and restaurants, cleaning can be done throughout the day.

Staff training

You want cleaners that are professional in their work. Inquire about the level of training of their staff. Commercial cleaners should observe a high degree of etiquette and personal hygiene. Unprofessional cleaners will come into conflict with your employees and discourage customers from visiting your business.

How well the cleaners understand your business

Different businesses have different cleaning needs. For instance, a garage will have different needs from a medical clinic. The cleaners should have ample understanding of your business operations. Such information will guide them on what detergents they will use, what methods they will use to clean floors and what protective clothing they need.

When looking for commercial cleaners for hire, evaluate their reputation, experience and services. The cleaners should also be trained and have ample understanding of how the workplace operations will impact their duties. 


30 August 2018

Hiring Cleaners and Creating Cleaning Schedules

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