Is It Ever Wise to Water Blast Your Windows?


There can be something oddly satisfying about cleaning with a water blaster. Like a wave of Harry Potter-esque sourcery emanating from your hand, dirt and grime is seemingly dissolved like magic. OK, so it's not magic and is in fact a powerfully concentrated stream of water, but it can still be rather satisfying to experience. If you own a water blaster or even just rent one as needed, you will be familiar with all the surfaces it can clean, whether it's blasting mildew from wooden decking or restoring brickwork to the point where your home almost looks brand new. But what about your windows? While water blasting can conceivably be used on your windows, some caution is required. And depending on your particular windows, this caution could extend to putting the water blaster down and finding another option, such as a window cleaning service.

The Delicate Touch

Cleaning your windows with a water blaster requires a certain amount of delicacy, namely being sure to only use the blaster on a lower setting and maintaining a safe distance from the glass. Installing a specialist nozzle for the water blaster can also be beneficial to reduce the water pressure.

The Order of Cleaning

Given the potential extra time and effort involved in cleaning your windows with a water blaster, you might opt to do them first, simply in order to get it out of the way. This is not wise if you are cleaning other exterior sections of your home as well. Remember that using a water blaster can cause splashback to be deposited on nearby areas. So if you clean your windows first and then move onto the surrounding areas, chances are that your windows will need to be cleaned again. The order of cleaning can be very important.

The State of Your Windows

The practicality of using a water blaster on your windows also needs to be carefully considered. You need to examine each window before proceeding with any water blasting. Any windows with chips or small cracks will not be a suitable candidate for this type of cleaning. The force of the water (even on a low pressure setting) could easily further destabilize the window, making it break. You will also need to check the integrity of any rubber trim around the borders of the window. Are there any missing sections or signs of obvious degradation? This trim helps to secure the glass inside the window frame and water blasting might loosen the glass within the frame. In these instances, you should clean the windows manually (without using a water blaster) either by yourself or by calling in a professional window cleaning company who know how to perform a comprehensive cleaning service on potentially weakened windows.

A water blaster can be easily used on some types of windows, but a bit of diligence is very important.


12 February 2018

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