What Should You Do If Someone Spills Red Wine on Your Carpet?


While many people may have carpets throughout their property and pride themselves on their general condition, accidents may happen. You may invite guests over for a cheese and wine party, and unfortunately, some of that liquid finds its way to the floor. Professional carpet cleaners can make the cleaning up of a spilt glass of wine easier and more effective than doing it yourself. Not only will they have the knowledge and expertise to remove the stain safely, but they'll also be able to use specialised tools and equipment that can target the spill without damaging your carpet. If you find yourself in a messy situation like this, what do you need to know about their help?

Bringing Knowledge and Expertise 

When it comes to cleaning up a wine spill, professional carpet cleaners are an invaluable asset in minimising permanent damage. They understand which types of cleaners, solvents and vacuums should be used depending on the material your carpets are made from. They'll also ensure that delicate fabrics such as silk or wool won't be damaged by harsh chemicals or scrubbing brushes.

Using Professional Equipment

Most importantly, professional carpet cleaners have access to high-pressure steamers, perfect for removing stubborn stains like red wine. The hot water is forced into the fibres at low pressure while removing any dirt or grease particles along the way. This results in a thorough cleaning with no lasting discolouration or damage.

Helping With Prevention 

Additionally, carpet cleaners often accompany their services with preventative measures. For example, they may be able to apply protective sprays to keep any future spills from settling in the fabric in case someone accidentally knocks over a glass again. This is important for eliminating long-term wear and tear that may come from repeated exposure to liquid after being left unchecked for too long.

What to Bear in Mind

Overall professional carpet cleaners can help to remove any difficult stains, including those caused by red wine. Their experience and specialised tools ensure any mess is kept to a minimum while protecting your carpets from further damage. So, call in an expert to help you with your current stains, or make sure that you keep their contact details on hand, just in case. You never know when another disaster may unfold during one of those weekend parties. After all, while you certainly don't want to behave like a hermit and avoid parties because of the risk, you'll always want to have a backup plan in place.

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30 March 2023

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