Quick Guide to Getting a Cleaning Contract Fast


Starting your own company is one of the boldest moves anyone can do. If you've just done so, then you probably need direction of where to go next. The office cleaning industry is hurdled by huge names that have taken over the market, so you'll have to do a lot more than cosy marketing. Acquiring some cleaning contracts should be your next goal, and all you need is a way of doing that fast.

10 February 2016

Best Waste Disposal Practices in the Healthcare Industry


Hazardous waste is not something that is reserved for manufacturing facilities alone. It is possible for businesses in all industries to produce waste and dispose of it properly. The disposal of janitorial supplies, building materials and e-waste need to be done in a way that is environmentally healthy. Those industries that do not dispose of waste properly can potentially be causing harm to employees, residents and the quality of the surrounding air.

11 December 2015

Understanding Asbestos Waste and the Guidelines for Safe Removal


Asbestos is a mineral that has been used on both domestic and commercial applications for more than a century. Its versatility makes it an ideal insulation and fireproofing material particularly in the construction of ceilings and garages. This article looks at asbestos waste and how you can safely dispose of it without exposing you to harm. Asbestos Waste Asbestos materials can be categorised into two groups; friable and non-friable materials. Friable asbestos materials can be crumbled or reduced to powder by applying hand pressure when they are dry.

2 December 2015

6 Reasons Why Mobile Wash & Fold Laundry Services Are Great


If you haven't heard, laundry services are easier and more convenient than ever before with mobile wash & fold laundry. With this service, you can have your dirty clothes picked up from your premises, cleaned, dried and folded before being returned right to your doorstep! This move is geared at easing reach of laundry services and meeting the needs of ever- busy clientele. Not sure if this service is right for you?

11 August 2015

How schools can prevent asthma attacks occuring in students


Suffering from asthma is no fun, and it can be a particular burden when the person suffering is a child. There are many things that parents can do in the home to ensure that it is a safe space where asthma attacks are not encouraged. The school, however, is a place that a parent cannot control and yet is also a place where every child spends a great deal of time.

27 May 2015

How to Stop Your Carpets from Fading


Like all fabrics, carpets are not immune from losing colour over time. This can be expected up to a point, but there are many things that a homeowner can do to slow the process and minimise the appearance that fading will have on their flooring. While sunlight is one of the main reasons why carpets can fade, harsh lighting and chemical reactions can also cause colour concern for carpet. If you are worried about your carpets fading, here's what you can do:

19 May 2015

What You Get With a Commercial & Office Cleaning Service


When you own a business, you may have to hire a commercial and office cleaning service from time to time to ensure that your workplace is properly maintained. But if you aren't too familiar with what types of things these professionals can offer, here is a rundown of what you will get when you hire a commercial and office cleaning company. Office Cleaning Services When you hire an office cleaning company, you are often going to receive a full-care package that includes sanitising bathrooms, sanitising kitchens, carpet cleaning, wood floor buffing and polishing and window cleaning.

4 May 2015