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Quick Guide to Getting a Cleaning Contract Fast

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Starting your own company is one of the boldest moves anyone can do. If you’ve just done so, then you probably need direction of where to go next. The office cleaning industry is hurdled by huge names that have taken over the market, so you’ll have to do a lot more than cosy marketing. Acquiring some cleaning contracts should be your next goal, and all you need is a way of doing that fast. Here are some key tips. Use Real Estate Agents These people are a gold mine for cleaning contracts; a secret treasure for any cleaning company. Unfortunately, not many companies know the value of real estate agents. Real estate agents are connected to a large number of properties and in most cases, these agencies would need a cleaning company {like Comclean Australia Pty Ltd} to work on a property either before or after a sale. You could easily secure yourself a long term contract to clean up offices, apartment buildings or even a hospital. The best part about marketing to a realtor is that these people are connected. A job well done could earn you a pool of referrals. Use Property Management Companies These guys manage other people’s property, particularly landlords. They are involved in rent collection and deal directly with the tenants. That makes them a good source of business. All you need to do is figure out the property management companies present in your area and prepare a sales letter uniquely addressed to them. That will boost your chances of getting an appointment. Remember, most leases normally hit their expiry dates on end months, so that’s the time you should approach these companies. You could also leave flyers or business cards after an appointment to make it easier for them to contact you. Direct Mail This is perhaps one of the best tools for gaining clients. Simply sending your potential customers direct mail can boost your chances of getting a contract by a huge margin. However, there’s a catch. Your sales letter needs to be perfect. Otherwise, it’ll be ignored. If you’re writing to business managers, then you need to get in touch with their viewpoint first. This is one of the best parts of using mail because you can have your intro grasping their attention by identifying their reality on cleaning services. Touch on what they believe, no matter how bad it is. You could then use a colourful flyer with a fantastic discount that will grasp the reader’s and then and use that as your foundation...

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Best Waste Disposal Practices in the Healthcare Industry

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Hazardous waste is not something that is reserved for manufacturing facilities alone. It is possible for businesses in all industries to produce waste and dispose of it properly. The disposal of janitorial supplies, building materials and e-waste need to be done in a way that is environmentally healthy. Those industries that do not dispose of waste properly can potentially be causing harm to employees, residents and the quality of the surrounding air. This means that in addition to hiring adequate cleaning services, you also need to be aware of proper hazardous waste disposal processes within the healthcare industry. Reduce Production The best way to approach the process of waste disposal is to cut back on the total amount of hazardous waste that you produce. It is possible to use alternative products that are not hazardous and to make sure that all employees are aware of risks associated with cross contamination. Using only equipment that is designed to be efficient can also help to cut back on the amount of hazardous waste produced. If less waste is produced, there will be less waste that you have to be concerned with disposing. It is essential that the type of waste being produced is identified. Infectious waste needs to be distinguished from non-infectious waste. In most cases, infectious waste is defined as blood and other bodily fluids. Non-infectious waste can be disposed of with solid waste, but this is not the case with infectious waste. This means that waste needs to be properly identified and managed based on type. Donating Waste It might be possible to consider donating some of the waste that you categorise as hazardous to another business. Just because you do not have a use for a specific type of waste does not mean that it can’t be used within another industry. Paint, pesticides and cleaning products are hazardous waste, but they are items that can be donated instead of being disposed of. These hazardous wastes might no longer be needed by a healthcare facility, but they can be donated to another business instead of being disposed of in using a wasteful method. Hazardous Collection Since the healthcare industry produces hazardous waste with regularity, it can be beneficial to sign up for hazardous waste collection. This will make it possible for your business to follow waste-disposal protocol with ease. Most cities offer hazardous waste collection services that are designed to be the simplest solution to this...

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Understanding Asbestos Waste and the Guidelines for Safe Removal

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Asbestos is a mineral that has been used on both domestic and commercial applications for more than a century. Its versatility makes it an ideal insulation and fireproofing material particularly in the construction of ceilings and garages. This article looks at asbestos waste and how you can safely dispose of it without exposing you to harm. Asbestos Waste Asbestos materials can be categorised into two groups; friable and non-friable materials. Friable asbestos materials can be crumbled or reduced to powder by applying hand pressure when they are dry.  They are mainly used in industrial applications, including pipe lagging and in making asbestos ropes. Removal of friable asbestos waste can be done by a licensed friable asbestos removalist. Non-friable asbestos on the other hand refers to any material containing asbestos other than friable asbestos. As opposed to friable asbestos, this type of material cannot be crumbled or reduced to powder by hand pressure. It’s commonly used in the building and construction industry, particularly in making drainage pipes, floor tiles and flue pipes.  When exposed to fire, drilling, water blasting or hail, non-friable asbestos can become friable. Removal of Asbestos Waste Asbestos waste can cause lung diseases such as lung cancer and asbestosis hence must be handled well. In homes, handling of asbestos must be done carefully with the responsible person wearing disposable paper overalls and asbestos dust masks that have been approved by the respective health, safety and environment agency. Asbestos structures including garages should only be demolished when the weather is calm to avoid asbestos dust from spreading. The asbestos structure must first be dumped with water to lessen the possibility of airborne fibre being released as the work progresses. Any dust around the area where asbestos works have been going on must be mopped up with a dump rag and never swept or vacuum-cleaned. This will prevent a further spread of dust. Asbestos sheets must be wrapped carefully in plastic sheeting and sealed. The smaller pieces of broken asbestos should be put in a red sack and then into a clear sack. The dust sheets, clothing, and masks, including any other disposable item, must also be wrapped together. All this waste must be clearly labeled as asbestos waste. As you wait for the final removal of the waste from your home, ensure you carefully put the waste in asbestos skip bins. These can be hired from private companies for the duration needed. Contact a rubbish removal company for more...

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6 Reasons Why Mobile Wash & Fold Laundry Services Are Great

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If you haven’t heard, laundry services are easier and more convenient than ever before with mobile wash & fold laundry. With this service, you can have your dirty clothes picked up from your premises, cleaned, dried and folded before being returned right to your doorstep! This move is geared at easing reach of laundry services and meeting the needs of ever- busy clientele. Not sure if this service is right for you? Here are 6 reasons why it probably is: Say bye bye to laundry chores Laundry duties are not the most interesting of chores. The last thing you want to do is spend your free time handling dirty clothes. With mobile laundry services, you don’t have to worry about all that. Have your laundry services handled by someone else and spend your precious free time relaxing, working or looking after your family instead. Broken washing machine or don’t have one? No problem If you don’t have a laundry machine, a mobile laundry service can provide a consistent and reliable service for all your washing needs. You can seek the service weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or whenever you need your clothes cleaned. Likewise, if you have a damaged clothes washing machine, there’s no reason to keep your linen dirty. Simply seek a mobile wash and fold laundry service until you get repairs carried out. Great for difficult items like doonas Some large clothing items are difficult to wash, even where you have a washing machine. A good example is doonas/ duvets, quilts or large curtains/drapes. These can be difficult to wash and some may not even fit into a domestic washing machine. If you are such a predicament, a mobile laundry service will solve your problem. No need to deliver or pick up your laundry Although getting laundry cleaned is important, it’s common for one to forget to drop off dirty clothes at the cleaners  or pick them up when clean. This can leave you with nothing to wear for an important meeting or event. With mobile wash and fold laundry services, this will never happen to you. Your clothes will be picked up from your door and delivered back to your home or office on time. Your clothes will be handled by trusted professionals Mobile wash and fold laundry services are provided by professional licensed companies that adhere to OH&S standards. They are therefore a better alternative compared to hiring individuals to wash laundry in your home. Enjoy the extras! Last but not least, a mobile laundry service goes the extra mile by not only cleaning and drying your clothes; you also get them back neatly folded for storage. In addition to that, you can also get your laundry professionally ironed for a crisp look. Contact a business like Get It Done to learn more about hiring a mobile laundry...

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How schools can prevent asthma attacks occuring in students

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Suffering from asthma is no fun, and it can be a particular burden when the person suffering is a child. There are many things that parents can do in the home to ensure that it is a safe space where asthma attacks are not encouraged. The school, however, is a place that a parent cannot control and yet is also a place where every child spends a great deal of time. Because of this, schools should take the particular health considerations of asthmatic students into consideration and create an environment that diminishes the chances of asthma attacks occurring. Here are some of the ways that schools can tackle this: By investing in green cleaning. A clean school environment is a place where children can take full of advantage of all their learning opportunities. But not all schools cleaning companies are the same, and some cleaning companies that use harsh chemicals to clean school spaces could encourage asthma attacks. For this reason, it is important that schools invest in all natural cleaning solutions that do not contain any asthma triggers.  As well as being beneficial for asthmatics, this is also a solution that will help children who suffer from allergies. By improving teacher training. As every school manager knows, comprehensive teacher training is vital for student success.  But teacher training does not begin and end with teaching methods for the classroom. It is also the teachers’ responsibility to look after the health and well being of their students while they are in their classroom. For this reason, it’s a good idea to build asthma awareness into teacher training as some teachers might not have encountered asthma before. Things taught in training sessions could include alternative ideas for outdoor breaks when the weather is cold or it is pollen season (these are climate triggers for some asthmatics), and what to do when a child suffers an asthma attack in the classroom. By tailoring physical education classes. Physical education and sports are essential for every student, even asthmatics, though it is the case that physical exertion can bring on attacks. Every physical education teacher should have an awareness of the state of each asthmatic student’s condition so that lessons can be appropriately tailored to them in terms of intensity. There should also be access to asthma medication before lessons, and emergency medications and procedures should be accessible if an asthma attack occurs during the class as...

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How to Stop Your Carpets from Fading

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Like all fabrics, carpets are not immune from losing colour over time. This can be expected up to a point, but there are many things that a homeowner can do to slow the process and minimise the appearance that fading will have on their flooring. While sunlight is one of the main reasons why carpets can fade, harsh lighting and chemical reactions can also cause colour concern for carpet. If you are worried about your carpets fading, here’s what you can do: 1. Reduce Sunlight Exposure Investing in window blinds and shutters can stop sunlight bleaching your carpet and it will also work wonders for furniture too—including your sofa. This doesn’t mean you need to draw the shades around the clock, but paying attention to the time of the day when sun floods into the room and closing curtains or blinds will prolong the life (and appearance) of your carpet and prevent fading in the future. 2. Keep Feet and Hands Clean Different chemicals we handle including hand creams, athletes foot cream, and tea tree oils can rub off on our carpets causing colour bleaching. Perhaps surprisingly, the oils and sweat from our feet and hands from medications that are being taken can cause discolouration, so to prevent this wash hands and feet regularly and wear socks on carpet as an added precaution. To reduce the chance of a build up of deposits on the carpets that can cause cleaning, make sure to have clean your carpets each year. Be wary of DIY options as the wrong chemical used can exacerbate the colour bleaching.  3. Attend to spillages pronto The sooner you attend to a spillage on your carpet especially acidic fluids like juice and pet urine, the sooner these can be dissolved before they are absorbed and cause discolouration. This rule also applies to stains. The sooner you get some warm water and a mild detergent onto the stain the better. 4. Invest in a Colourfast Carpet Choosing a robust carpet from the outset, especially for rooms with high traffic and lots of light can be a smart decision. Some carpets have built in colourfast features which provide extra protection from colour bleaching. While these might not necessary for the entire home, they can be a worthy addition to lounge rooms and high traffic areas. Faded carpet is a not a good look. Especially often fading is uneven with noticeable differences in the shading of the carpet.  Finally, if your carpet has already become faded, professional carpet cleaning can make a major difference in brightening tired and dull looking carpets. Sure it may not be the full rich colour it used to be, but steam cleaning can restore the faded and dirty carpets, making it the first thing to try before you consider replacing your faded...

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What You Get With a Commercial & Office Cleaning Service

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When you own a business, you may have to hire a commercial and office cleaning service from time to time to ensure that your workplace is properly maintained. But if you aren’t too familiar with what types of things these professionals can offer, here is a rundown of what you will get when you hire a commercial and office cleaning company. Office Cleaning Services When you hire an office cleaning company, you are often going to receive a full-care package that includes sanitising bathrooms, sanitising kitchens, carpet cleaning, wood floor buffing and polishing and window cleaning. You can also customise your office cleaning to include exterior window washing, which may require cleaning workers to use scaffolds if your office is in a high-rise. Some office cleaning companies, however, make use of pole window cleaning devices, which feature telescopic poles that can easily reach heights several floors above ground level, and are fed with water and a streak-free cleaning solution. In addition, office cleaners can offer you special event cleanup, which occurs after a staff party or office celebration that is more of a one-off type of cleaning than regular maintenance service. Many office cleaning companies now offer you green cleaning, in which non-toxic cleaning solutions are used that are safe for the environment and won’t present hazards to you and your employees. Commercial Cleaning Services If you own a factory, warehouse or some other kind of facility that isn’t just an office space, you can hire a commercial cleaner to provide you with specialised cleaning services. For examples, many factories and warehouses have exterior walls that are grimed with dirt and debris from daily activities in need of cleaning. Commercial cleaners can use pressure washers, which feature a wand and a tank that generates high pressure that can scour walls and get rid of grease stains, dirt, debris and even graffiti. Commercial cleaners can also offer you floor stripping and sealing, in which your old, dull floors are stripped and then sealed with a new finish, which brings out the lustre and polish, and turns your old floors into ones that appear brand new. Stripping your floors removes all the original finish which is scuffed, scratched and marked up by wear and tear. Applying multiple layers of a new finish protects your floors from stains, moisture, dents and abrasions. Floor stripping is beneficial for factories, warehouses, commercial lobbies and...

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The Variety of Services an Office Cleaning Company Can Offer You

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Are you interested in hiring an office cleaning company, but are not sure of the variety of cleaning services to expect? By finding out what you can outsource from a cleaning company you can better manage the cleaning requirements of your offices. With that thought in mind, here are the top cleaning services that you can expect from a cleaning company: Floor Cleaning A commercial cleaning company can keep your floor clean no matter what type of services you have. For example, if you have a carpet then expect vacuum cleaning on a daily basis, and steam cleaning at the end of every month. However, you should ask the vacuum cleaning to be done when employees are not working as that will be disruptive—for example, during the night or very early morning before office hours. If you have wooden floors, then you should expect frequent polishing of the floor in order to increase the quality of the shine. Also to remove scratches a cleaning company will bring in a sanding machine; however, this maintenance task will only need to be completed on a quarterly basis. Toilet Maintenance For employees to have satisfaction while working in your offices, they will need to have access to clean toilets that have the toiletry items provided whenever they need them. This means a constant re-fill of toilet rolls, paper towels and soap is a must. Furthermore, expect toilets to be cleaned as many as two times per day so that there is no foul odor, and they are bacteria-free. Window Cleaning Dirty windows can make for a poor quality workplace atmosphere, and therefore the office cleaning company you hire should have window cleaners that can clean from both the inside and outside. If you have windows on the outside that are high up then the cleaning service must have a cherry picker or suitable scaffolding in order to get access. Waste Removal The buildup of waste in the bins around your offices can be unhygienic and result in a foul odor if left not emptied for a few days. Therefore, an office cleaning company—like GreenKleen Australia—will make sure to provide clean bins at the beginning of every workday. If you have no bins in place at the moment, then the service might even provide bins throughout your offices so that you don’t have to do a thing when it comes to worrying about your waste removal...

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What to Consider When Hiring Cleaning Contractors for Your Workplace

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Cleaning contractors can help instill the professionalism that your business needs, be it a retail centre, an institution or a private office. Cleaning contractors can be hired to work on a daily basis, weekly, monthly or on demand depending on the nature of your business. Here are three important factors you need to discuss with your contractor before you get into a contract.   Which Areas Will Be Cleaned? There are many areas that need to be cleaned in a workplace. The most common are floors, furniture and windows. Make sure to find out the extent of service you will be receiving. Will your trash be removed? Will you get janitorial service? Also find out how often your fixtures will be cleaned. While furniture will be wiped on a daily basis, other areas like windows only need a weekly cleaning. In the same way, while carpets may get vacuumed daily, they should get a carpet wash at least weekly. Knowing the exact kind of service you will be getting will ensure you know what you’re signing up for from the start. What are the Working Hours? Working hours are important too. For one, they let you know when to avoid the office and let the cleaning team do its job. In most cases, cleaning contractors will come in after hours. This ensures you’re not inconvenienced when working. In addition to that, note that the earlier your workplace gets cleaned, the more time it has to dry out and air before you get in the following morning. Therefore opt to get your cleaning service as close to after-working hours as possible. How Many People Will Be Doing the Job? Cleaning contractors often work in teams. The number of people cleaning your workspace is important as it determines how quickly your place will be cleaned. The ideal number of people to clean your workplace will depend on the floor space and the difficulty of the exercise. In most instances you want the cleaning contractor to finish the job as soon as possible so that your workplace can be left closed and private. Discuss the ideal number of people needed to cleaning your workplace and ensure the team is not understaffed. Likewise, ensure the contractor is not bringing too many people to your workplace either. That can increase the occurrence of accidents and confusion on the job. In addition to these, ensure to look into other vital areas such as insurance, police records and accreditation before getting into a contract with a cleaning...

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What is dry carpet cleaning?

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Over time, stains, dirt and grime can build up in the carpet fiber that regular vacuuming cannot clean effectively. At this point, it is advisable to invest in some form of thorough carpet cleaning technique such as dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is one of the methods used in carpet cleaning both commercially and in the home. The process employs the use of specialized machinery that can clean the carpets with very low levels of moisture, hence the name dry carpet cleaning. Here is what you need to know about dry carpet cleaning: The cleaning agents Dry carpet cleaning utilizes various cleaning agents to dislodge the dirt and stains from the carpet fibers: Pre-treatments: You can use pre-treatments such as traffic lane cleaners around high traffic areas to help dissolve the grease film that binds dirt on the carpet fibers before dry carpet cleaning. High traffic areas include hallways, doorways and around furniture like in front of the sofa.  Dry Compound: After applying the pre-treatments, you can use a dry compound, which is absorbent and biodegradable, all over the carpet to clean it out. The specialized equipment enables you to apply the dry compound evenly on the carpet surface, brush it into the carpet fibers and vacuum it off leaving the carpet dry. Machine scrubbing is advisable as hand scrubbing only cleans a third of the top layer of carpet. Dry cleaning is fast The dry compound used during dry cleaning breaks down whatever dirt and stains found in the carpet fibers. Adding a bit of moisture in the application solution helps to improve the amount of dirt dissolved from the carpet fibers. After dry carpet cleaning, your carpet is ready to use shortly after as it dries almost immediately. As compared to wet cleaning, dry cleaning is fast and easy to do while the carpet is still in place. Permanent stain removal with no mould One of the biggest problems with wet carpet cleaning is the drying process. If the carpet does not dry completely, there is a world of problems that you will face. First, any use of the carpet before through drying means new stains. There is also the risk of development of mold and a musky smell. These pose a great risk to individuals with allergies and other respiratory issues. Since dry cleaning vacuums all the cleaning agents and leaves the carpet dry, there is no liquid left in the carpet to form stains or incubate germs and mould. For more information, contact a company like Chemdry...

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