Does your carpet need professional cleaning?


Are your carpets starting to become an embarrassment? Although they may look wonderful when first installed, it rarely takes long for the carpets to pick up dirt from muddy boots, food stains and a host of other grime from different sources. As a responsible homeowner, you probably vacuum your carpets regularly, but while this may remove most of the surface dirt, it won't usually pick up the ground-in grime. You could try to scrub the carpet clean, but that is hard work, often involving an extended period on your knees as you struggle to restore the appearance of the carpet. Instead, consider carpet steam cleaning. Many benefits come with carpet steam cleaning, and not all of these benefits are immediately obvious. Here are three reasons to invest in steam cleaning for your carpets.

Stop family allergies

Allergens can be a significant problem for many people. Around the home, one of the major causes of allergies can be dust mites. Dust mites can live in carpets as well as other furniture items. The mites are attracted to the pollen, flakes of dead skin and other debris that becomes trapped in carpet fibres. Carpet steam cleaning will not only cleanse the carpet of the debris that attracts the dust mites, but the high temperatures involved will kill the dust mites and stop them from producing waste.

Remove any traces of dampness

Your home might feel cosy and warm, but it can be surprising where dampness can lurk. Moisture can enter your home in many ways. However, once the dampness enters the home, it can become lodged in the carpet, and from there it doesn't take much for dampness to start fostering mould and lead to serious health problems if left untreated. Carpet steam cleaning can prevent dampness from becoming entrenched in your carpet and remove mould that may be starting to develop.

Remove unpleasant pollutants

Dust mites and dampness aren't the only things that can get trapped in your carpet. Pet dander is an obvious example, but there are also unseen dangers such as volatile chemicals resulting from exposure to smoke or paint. These chemicals will often remain in your carpet until the pile is disturbed and they are released into the atmosphere. Carpet steam cleaning will deal with all these hidden dangers and make your home a safer, cleaner place to live.

For more information about carpet steam cleaning, contact a local company.


27 June 2022

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