Does your carpet need professional cleaning?


Are your carpets starting to become an embarrassment? Although they may look wonderful when first installed, it rarely takes long for the carpets to pick up dirt from muddy boots, food stains and a host of other grime from different sources. As a responsible homeowner, you probably vacuum your carpets regularly, but while this may remove most of the surface dirt, it won't usually pick up the ground-in grime. You could try to scrub the carpet clean, but that is hard work, often involving an extended period on your knees as you struggle to restore the appearance of the carpet.

27 June 2022

How to Tackle the Mould Around Your Windows


Do you notice that mould is especially common around your windows? This is because it's an area where cold air meets warm air, resulting in condensation and dampness. While you can't do a lot about the temperature differences, there are some ways you can treat the mould and prevent it from returning. DIY Mould Removal There are plenty of avenues for you to explore when it comes to DIY mould removal.

6 January 2022