Best Waste Disposal Practices in the Healthcare Industry


Hazardous waste is not something that is reserved for manufacturing facilities alone. It is possible for businesses in all industries to produce waste and dispose of it properly. The disposal of janitorial supplies, building materials and e-waste need to be done in a way that is environmentally healthy. Those industries that do not dispose of waste properly can potentially be causing harm to employees, residents and the quality of the surrounding air. This means that in addition to hiring adequate cleaning services, you also need to be aware of proper hazardous waste disposal processes within the healthcare industry.

Reduce Production

The best way to approach the process of waste disposal is to cut back on the total amount of hazardous waste that you produce. It is possible to use alternative products that are not hazardous and to make sure that all employees are aware of risks associated with cross contamination. Using only equipment that is designed to be efficient can also help to cut back on the amount of hazardous waste produced. If less waste is produced, there will be less waste that you have to be concerned with disposing. It is essential that the type of waste being produced is identified. Infectious waste needs to be distinguished from non-infectious waste. In most cases, infectious waste is defined as blood and other bodily fluids. Non-infectious waste can be disposed of with solid waste, but this is not the case with infectious waste. This means that waste needs to be properly identified and managed based on type.

Donating Waste

It might be possible to consider donating some of the waste that you categorise as hazardous to another business. Just because you do not have a use for a specific type of waste does not mean that it can't be used within another industry. Paint, pesticides and cleaning products are hazardous waste, but they are items that can be donated instead of being disposed of. These hazardous wastes might no longer be needed by a healthcare facility, but they can be donated to another business instead of being disposed of in using a wasteful method.

Hazardous Collection

Since the healthcare industry produces hazardous waste with regularity, it can be beneficial to sign up for hazardous waste collection. This will make it possible for your business to follow waste-disposal protocol with ease. Most cities offer hazardous waste collection services that are designed to be the simplest solution to this problem.


11 December 2015

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