How schools can prevent asthma attacks occuring in students


Suffering from asthma is no fun, and it can be a particular burden when the person suffering is a child. There are many things that parents can do in the home to ensure that it is a safe space where asthma attacks are not encouraged. The school, however, is a place that a parent cannot control and yet is also a place where every child spends a great deal of time.

Because of this, schools should take the particular health considerations of asthmatic students into consideration and create an environment that diminishes the chances of asthma attacks occurring. Here are some of the ways that schools can tackle this:

By investing in green cleaning. A clean school environment is a place where children can take full of advantage of all their learning opportunities. But not all schools cleaning companies are the same, and some cleaning companies that use harsh chemicals to clean school spaces could encourage asthma attacks.

For this reason, it is important that schools invest in all natural cleaning solutions that do not contain any asthma triggers.  As well as being beneficial for asthmatics, this is also a solution that will help children who suffer from allergies.

By improving teacher training. As every school manager knows, comprehensive teacher training is vital for student success.  But teacher training does not begin and end with teaching methods for the classroom. It is also the teachers' responsibility to look after the health and well being of their students while they are in their classroom.

For this reason, it's a good idea to build asthma awareness into teacher training as some teachers might not have encountered asthma before. Things taught in training sessions could include alternative ideas for outdoor breaks when the weather is cold or it is pollen season (these are climate triggers for some asthmatics), and what to do when a child suffers an asthma attack in the classroom.

By tailoring physical education classes. Physical education and sports are essential for every student, even asthmatics, though it is the case that physical exertion can bring on attacks. Every physical education teacher should have an awareness of the state of each asthmatic student's condition so that lessons can be appropriately tailored to them in terms of intensity. There should also be access to asthma medication before lessons, and emergency medications and procedures should be accessible if an asthma attack occurs during the class as well.


27 May 2015

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