What You Get With a Commercial & Office Cleaning Service


When you own a business, you may have to hire a commercial and office cleaning service from time to time to ensure that your workplace is properly maintained. But if you aren't too familiar with what types of things these professionals can offer, here is a rundown of what you will get when you hire a commercial and office cleaning company.

Office Cleaning Services

When you hire an office cleaning company, you are often going to receive a full-care package that includes sanitising bathrooms, sanitising kitchens, carpet cleaning, wood floor buffing and polishing and window cleaning.

You can also customise your office cleaning to include exterior window washing, which may require cleaning workers to use scaffolds if your office is in a high-rise. Some office cleaning companies, however, make use of pole window cleaning devices, which feature telescopic poles that can easily reach heights several floors above ground level, and are fed with water and a streak-free cleaning solution.

In addition, office cleaners can offer you special event cleanup, which occurs after a staff party or office celebration that is more of a one-off type of cleaning than regular maintenance service. Many office cleaning companies now offer you green cleaning, in which non-toxic cleaning solutions are used that are safe for the environment and won't present hazards to you and your employees.

Commercial Cleaning Services

If you own a factory, warehouse or some other kind of facility that isn't just an office space, you can hire a commercial cleaner to provide you with specialised cleaning services.

For examples, many factories and warehouses have exterior walls that are grimed with dirt and debris from daily activities in need of cleaning. Commercial cleaners can use pressure washers, which feature a wand and a tank that generates high pressure that can scour walls and get rid of grease stains, dirt, debris and even graffiti.

Commercial cleaners can also offer you floor stripping and sealing, in which your old, dull floors are stripped and then sealed with a new finish, which brings out the lustre and polish, and turns your old floors into ones that appear brand new.

Stripping your floors removes all the original finish which is scuffed, scratched and marked up by wear and tear. Applying multiple layers of a new finish protects your floors from stains, moisture, dents and abrasions. Floor stripping is beneficial for factories, warehouses, commercial lobbies and showrooms.


4 May 2015

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