The Variety of Services an Office Cleaning Company Can Offer You


Are you interested in hiring an office cleaning company, but are not sure of the variety of cleaning services to expect? By finding out what you can outsource from a cleaning company you can better manage the cleaning requirements of your offices. With that thought in mind, here are the top cleaning services that you can expect from a cleaning company:

Floor Cleaning

A commercial cleaning company can keep your floor clean no matter what type of services you have. For example, if you have a carpet then expect vacuum cleaning on a daily basis, and steam cleaning at the end of every month. However, you should ask the vacuum cleaning to be done when employees are not working as that will be disruptive—for example, during the night or very early morning before office hours.

If you have wooden floors, then you should expect frequent polishing of the floor in order to increase the quality of the shine. Also to remove scratches a cleaning company will bring in a sanding machine; however, this maintenance task will only need to be completed on a quarterly basis.

Toilet Maintenance

For employees to have satisfaction while working in your offices, they will need to have access to clean toilets that have the toiletry items provided whenever they need them. This means a constant re-fill of toilet rolls, paper towels and soap is a must. Furthermore, expect toilets to be cleaned as many as two times per day so that there is no foul odor, and they are bacteria-free.

Window Cleaning

Dirty windows can make for a poor quality workplace atmosphere, and therefore the office cleaning company you hire should have window cleaners that can clean from both the inside and outside. If you have windows on the outside that are high up then the cleaning service must have a cherry picker or suitable scaffolding in order to get access.

Waste Removal

The buildup of waste in the bins around your offices can be unhygienic and result in a foul odor if left not emptied for a few days. Therefore, an office cleaning company—like GreenKleen Australia—will make sure to provide clean bins at the beginning of every workday. If you have no bins in place at the moment, then the service might even provide bins throughout your offices so that you don't have to do a thing when it comes to worrying about your waste removal setup.


28 April 2015

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