What to Consider When Hiring Cleaning Contractors for Your Workplace


Cleaning contractors can help instill the professionalism that your business needs, be it a retail centre, an institution or a private office. Cleaning contractors can be hired to work on a daily basis, weekly, monthly or on demand depending on the nature of your business. Here are three important factors you need to discuss with your contractor before you get into a contract.  

Which Areas Will Be Cleaned?

There are many areas that need to be cleaned in a workplace. The most common are floors, furniture and windows. Make sure to find out the extent of service you will be receiving. Will your trash be removed? Will you get janitorial service? Also find out how often your fixtures will be cleaned. While furniture will be wiped on a daily basis, other areas like windows only need a weekly cleaning. In the same way, while carpets may get vacuumed daily, they should get a carpet wash at least weekly. Knowing the exact kind of service you will be getting will ensure you know what you're signing up for from the start.

What are the Working Hours?

Working hours are important too. For one, they let you know when to avoid the office and let the cleaning team do its job. In most cases, cleaning contractors will come in after hours. This ensures you're not inconvenienced when working. In addition to that, note that the earlier your workplace gets cleaned, the more time it has to dry out and air before you get in the following morning. Therefore opt to get your cleaning service as close to after-working hours as possible.

How Many People Will Be Doing the Job?

Cleaning contractors often work in teams. The number of people cleaning your workspace is important as it determines how quickly your place will be cleaned. The ideal number of people to clean your workplace will depend on the floor space and the difficulty of the exercise. In most instances you want the cleaning contractor to finish the job as soon as possible so that your workplace can be left closed and private. Discuss the ideal number of people needed to cleaning your workplace and ensure the team is not understaffed. Likewise, ensure the contractor is not bringing too many people to your workplace either. That can increase the occurrence of accidents and confusion on the job.

In addition to these, ensure to look into other vital areas such as insurance, police records and accreditation before getting into a contract with a cleaning team.


16 April 2015

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