What is dry carpet cleaning?


Over time, stains, dirt and grime can build up in the carpet fiber that regular vacuuming cannot clean effectively. At this point, it is advisable to invest in some form of thorough carpet cleaning technique such as dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is one of the methods used in carpet cleaning both commercially and in the home. The process employs the use of specialized machinery that can clean the carpets with very low levels of moisture, hence the name dry carpet cleaning. Here is what you need to know about dry carpet cleaning:

The cleaning agents

Dry carpet cleaning utilizes various cleaning agents to dislodge the dirt and stains from the carpet fibers:

  • Pre-treatments: You can use pre-treatments such as traffic lane cleaners around high traffic areas to help dissolve the grease film that binds dirt on the carpet fibers before dry carpet cleaning. High traffic areas include hallways, doorways and around furniture like in front of the sofa. 
  • Dry Compound: After applying the pre-treatments, you can use a dry compound, which is absorbent and biodegradable, all over the carpet to clean it out. The specialized equipment enables you to apply the dry compound evenly on the carpet surface, brush it into the carpet fibers and vacuum it off leaving the carpet dry. Machine scrubbing is advisable as hand scrubbing only cleans a third of the top layer of carpet.

Dry cleaning is fast

The dry compound used during dry cleaning breaks down whatever dirt and stains found in the carpet fibers. Adding a bit of moisture in the application solution helps to improve the amount of dirt dissolved from the carpet fibers. After dry carpet cleaning, your carpet is ready to use shortly after as it dries almost immediately. As compared to wet cleaning, dry cleaning is fast and easy to do while the carpet is still in place.

Permanent stain removal with no mould

One of the biggest problems with wet carpet cleaning is the drying process. If the carpet does not dry completely, there is a world of problems that you will face. First, any use of the carpet before through drying means new stains. There is also the risk of development of mold and a musky smell. These pose a great risk to individuals with allergies and other respiratory issues. Since dry cleaning vacuums all the cleaning agents and leaves the carpet dry, there is no liquid left in the carpet to form stains or incubate germs and mould.

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10 April 2015

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