2 Major Reasons Every Home Should Regularly Steam Clean Their Carpets


As a homeowner no doubt you want to ensure that your carpeting is always in good shape, and that it lasts as long as possible. You may insist that visitors and family remove their shoes when they walk in and may keep pets off the carpet as much as possible.

While these are good steps to take, it's important for every homeowner to consider having their carpets steam cleaned on a regular basis, no matter how often they vacuum and no matter the condition of the carpets. Note a few reasons why that is and how it can benefit you and your carpeting.

1. Steam cleaning removed irritants, allergens, and pollutants

Carpet fibers hold pet hair and dander, human hair, shed skin cells, dead bugs, bug eggs, bug droppings, germs, bacteria, dirt and mud. Most of these items are brought in from outside. They also hold dust mites and dust that settles from the air, along with many other allergens and pollutants.

Vacuuming alone doesn't remove all these irritants and in some cases may only pull them closer to the surface. A steam clean will loosen these pollutants so that they can be removed completely, and in turn your carpeting is actually healthier for you and for your whole family.

2. Steam cleaning protects fibers

All of those things that wind up in your carpeting are not only unhealthy for you, but they're also damaging to your carpeting. They mat down those fibers and in turn, your carpeting looks flat and dull. In time, the fibers get so damaged that they cannot be restored. Again, vacuuming alone doesn't pull up and remove all these contaminants which is why the fibers get so matted and carpeting continues to look dirty even after you've vacuumed.

A steam cleaning will not only remove those damaging elements but the steam itself will plump up the fibers so they look brand new. In turn, they're better protected from long-term damage. The color of your carpeting can also be restored. You may see that you need to replace your carpeting far less often when you schedule a regular steam cleaning, so that you actually save money in the long run. This too is a reason to schedule regular steam cleaning of all the carpeting in your home.

Learn more about the perks of carpet steam cleaning by consulting local expert resources such as Hercules Carpet Cleaning.


7 April 2015

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